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Benjamin Hawkins is a fine jewellery designer specialising in one off bespoke artworks. From the age of fifteen, Benjamin practiced goldsmithing, before studying jewellery at the Goldsmiths Centre in the heart of London’s jewellery quarter. Here he flourished, winning multiple awards in design and craft. On completing the course, Benjamin went under tutelage of the master craftsman Brian Joslin, before breaking off on his own in 2014 to start Benjamin Hawkins London. Later that year, Benjamin was scouted to apply for a position at the Lee Alexander McQueen foundation, Sarabande, to boost the start of his career. He was accepted and moved into residency under the mentorship of the remarkable Shaun Leane. Benjamin started to develop his own style of design and after two years of experimentation he completed designing a sixteen piece collection of one off, fine artworks. They are under construction and are set to release in the coming months.


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03 Process

Initial Consultation & Design Formulation

Whether it be an engagement ring or a gift to yourself, Benjamin designs one off jewels around the end wearer. To turn a piece of jewellery into a personal artwork requires the designer to understand the style of the wearer, so we can truly make something that is designed for the individual. The process starts by having a consultation in our London atelier, where Benjamin will guide you through diamonds, gems and materials, before sketching designs and discovering a platform for you to work from.

Making & Fitting

Once a design is settled upon, Benjamin will hand make your jewel in our London atelier, using an array of techniques from 17th century enamelling, to modern day three dimensional modelling. Once your piece is in its skeletal form, we invite you to the atelier to see the article in person, so we can make any alterations before we finish it, making sure you are happy with every detail.  


The Finished Article

Once the article is finished, we paint a scale watercolour that we lay into a folder along with a valuation and any certificates for diamonds or gems. They can then be collected or delivered.


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Tel: 0203 674 4676

42 Britton Street, The Goldmsiths' Centre, EC1M 5AD