Fine jewellery should be the embodiment of the wearer’s individuality and a vehicle for expression. It should therefore be unique. Its creation should be guided by the wearer or those close, and crafted by those skilled enough to interpret. Acquisition of Benjamin Hawkins works is an unparalleled experience, resulting in jewellery that is inimitable by nature. This is where it starts. 


Initial Consultation

Benjamin Hawkins bespoke commissions are highly personal. We lay the foundations and begin the process of cultivating ideas during the first consultation. We must stress that commission formats are not rigid; certain pieces may require a handful of consultations before ideas are finalised and a firm brief established. In this first stage, we get a feel for the client and the piece in mind, which goes on to heavily influence refinement during the design process.

Design Formulation  

Every piece is designed at our creative studio in Kingsland Wharves. Award winning designers concentrate the brief, meticulously translating all we’ve learned from the client through rigorous sketching and painting until the final designs are complete. The resulting artwork is included with each piece.

Final Consultation(s)

We are motivated by the belief that each commission will reach heirloom status, to be passed down and treasured by successive generations. Therefore, only when the client is unequivocally satisfied with the final designs do we begin constructing each piece. Once complete, your piece will be photographed for our archive before collection or dispatch. For bespoke commissions, we reserve the right to use photographs and artwork for promotional purposes, as they inevitably showcase a level of skill and craftsmanship that is of considerable value to us.

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